How to Add Your Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, and Hotmail Email Accounts

Here’s a simple guide on how to connect your Yahoo + Outlook accounts to get them set up for your AutoMailer campaign. 

Step 1: Head on over to the Email Accounts tab. 

Step 2: Select the Connect Yahoo option. 

Step 3: Select the type of email address you will connect from the dropdown list: 

  • Yahoo 
  • Outlook 
  • iCloud 
  • Hotmail  
  • AOL

Step 4: Input your email address credentials. 

Step 5: Once filled out, click Save Changes

Congratulations! Your Yahoo/Outlook/iCloud/AOL/Hotmail email account is now connected to AutoMailer and is ready to launch a campaign. Prior to launching your campaign, make sure to adjust your sending speed settings and turn on email warm-up for the best efficiency.  

If you need any further assistance with the platform, feel free to contact customer support through the Support tab or email  

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